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Thread: The year end review, and what 2008 had offered us so far

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    Default The year end review, and what 2008 had offered us so far

    Hey everyone,

    Here is just a quick update, for all that are interested.

    The year 2007 has been pretty good year for us. We have added new members to our staff, as we have had a rise in population.

    Though this year is only beginning, but we are still going good. Our staff is still strong, and always willing to help.

    We have made several changes to this place, specifically to the website, and the forum.

    Such changes include newer sections added to the forums, such as "Chit-Chat", "Jokes and Humour", "Forum games", and a recipe section.

    Well also changed some of our website colours to update ourselves, and stand out more.

    Another change that we made was our change in IRC services. We used to run Anope, but we now use X3.

    All our changes and updates was to create a better, more fun, and more convenient environment for you the user.

    Whatever we do, we do it for you. The user is #1, and without you we would not be here.

    Happily serving you since May 15, 2006. Wishing you lots of happy chats!
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